I’ve sucked at being present lately. The days got long during lockdown, and often frustrating, and work got time consuming. It took talking to a friend the other day to realize I needed to get my creative outlet back.

SO here we are, with a post and pictures I shot last month. It’s okay– it’s always red lipstick season down south 🙂

Here are my top picks for the BEST red lippies around. I prefer a more orange/warm undertone red, but at least one of these is slightly cooler and more blue if that’s what you like.

Top down by brand: NYC, Sephora, Revlon, Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty outburst long wear lip stain in Orange Fizz

YALL. This stuff is one of my favorite things ever. The texture is smooth without being too matte OR too shiny, and it’s a great orange hue without being too warm. It also literally will last through a nuclear bomb, no kidding. You can take this off at night and wake up with a stain on your lips- which let’s be honest, I adore.

Sephora #lipstories in Hot in Havana

This is a $9 find that beats most everything I spend $9 on. It’s so comfortable– I would say the most comfortable lipstick on this list. This is the most orange of the group too, but that’s probably why I love it so much. It lasts okay, but you probably need to stick it in your bag for touchups. It’s definitely more prone to slip than the matte versions.

Revlon matte lipstick in 053 So Lit

This is another great one (I honestly can’t pick a favorite) because it can go with any makeup look– totally done up for a night out or just mascara and a fresh face. This is the most matte look of the group, which means it stays put but also doesn’t stain like the Bite Beauty option. I think this is more of a true red too, and doesn’t lean as orange as the others.

NYC city proof twistable lip color in Canal St. Coral

Okay, here’s the deal with this little guy. The NYC brand can be hard to find, and the products are not top quality all the time, but I love this product and this shade. It reminds me of the old Revlon lip stains that came in the chubby crayon packaging- it’s sticky but comfortable, and the color is perfect. It’s a shade that can go on top of another lip color or stand alone on a no-makeup day.

Side tip: I always opt for a brown-toned liner, no matter what lip color I’m wearing. My faves: LA Girl Keep It Spicy; Avon Glimmersticks in Simply Spice; & NYX in 860 Peakaboo Neutral.

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This post was not sponsored; all opinions are my own.


It’s still not feeling like fall in Alabama, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start to embrace the season- and there is nothing to get your style into cold-weather mode like a fall lipstick. Moody, deep hues are perfect for fall and make a statement when your whole body is wrapped in scarves and boots. Not into the dark lip craze? Try a lighter color in a different tone than you normally wear, like a mauve or a gray (yes, gray!)  Not everyone can wear the same colors, but everyone can pull off some sort of fall lip. Below are the lip colors I am loving this season, lights and darks!

Covergirl The Bolds: 760 Gone Griege ($5.59 at Target)

I was a little skeptical about this color, I’ll admit- but after putting it on, I fell in love with it. The color is not too wild for work but it’s different than your average pink. Wear it like you would wear a nude lip! Plus, it has a little more edge and can take your typical jeans and boots outfit to another level. A+ here, CG.


Covergirl The Bolds: 770 Mauve it ($5.59 at Target)

Mauve It is another win for the brand’s Bolds collection. A typical ‘your lips but better’ color, this reminds me of MAC Brave- except, it’s more comfortable to wear and has a warmer undertone. While I have a few other lippies that are a similar color, this is a little darker and definitely has a more fall vibe. The color glides on smoothly, but doesn’t have a shiny effect. This is going in my purse for a weekday rotation.


Colurpop Ultra Matte Lip: LAX ($6 at

Oh, LAX. Let’s just say, I felt like I was Beyonce in this color. I’m not crazy about the ultra matte lip formula- it is the definition of matte, but it can be drying and hard to take off- but I will suffer through for the color payoff. I felt like I could conquer the world in this color. I wanted to wear it out to dinner after this, but I was wearing Chacos and running shorts and thought it might be a little out of place…but, I’m looking forward to the next time I wear it! I am going to put on some vaseline or lip balm underneath from now on, so it will be a little more comfortable.




Sephora Collection Rouge Lipstick: Mmmm…(17) ($12.50 at Sephora)

This color is a really easy, running errands or late to work kind of lip. Super comfy, cute color, long-lasting, and will pair with any look. It’s hard to beat a look like this, no matter what the season is. (Psssss: It’s supposedly a dupe for a Kylie color, too!)


Colourpop Lippie Stix: Creature ($5 at

Colourpop Lippie Stix and I are friends, and this color just reminds me of that fact again. Creature is more purple than LAX, which has a more burgundy look. It is more comfortable than the Ultra Matte formula, and I think it’s easier to apply. While this is pretty dark, it’s more of a typical fall look for me because it doesn’t seem as harsh as other deep colors can be. I think the shade is universally flattering and it fades out to a pretty berry wine-colored stain.

This post is not sponsored; all opinions are my own.