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If all this staying at home is doing anything to me, it’s really making me obsess over my house. I am cleaning, de-cluttering, reorganizing, and more. So at least if we had to have a global health crisis, it came during Spring Cleaning!

(I also caved and bought a Dyson. Best. Decision. Ever.)

I’ve definitely touched every room in the house during this work/stay/not leave home time, but the room I mostly want to transform is our bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with our bedroom– I just have a different vision for it at this point. I wanted to share what my vision is and what I want for that room.

I have several cute ideas for the bed set. I think this is my favorite bed set so far— I love the gray color, and I’m obsessed with the four-poster style. I will say though, Mitri will leave me if our next bed isn’t a king!

Rooms To Go four-poster bed
Rooms To Go bed

My home decor style is definitely a mold of things. I love the clean, white and gray distressed farmhouse look. But, I also love pops of color and bohemian touches like oriental rugs, bright plates, etc. I also firmly believe you can’t go wrong with a blue and white pattern. Call it the Southern lady in me.

I love my side tables, they just need a little sanding and a coat of paint after one of our dogs really loved on one of them… But, I like these too, especially the shelf for extra storage.

Rooms To Go nightstand
Rooms To Go nightstand

GOSH I love these lamps. They are farmhouse and rustic, but also have the best boho details. You gotta have a lamp for late-night reading! This pendant light is also great for when we need a little more light.

So, there’s my dream bedroom!

Are yall obsessively cleaning during quarantine and mentally redoing your house? Let me know what you are thinking for your home!

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It’s that time of year- turkey and sweet potatoes and pecan pie! Before our family Thanksgiving, I wanted to have our friends over for a Friendsgiving and celebrate the friendships we’re so lucky to have. I love hosting, and I love decorating my house for parties— especially the dining room table.

Pretty tablescapes are one of my favorite things and I’m constantly finding inspiration on Pinterest or in magazines of how I want my table to look for different events. For this year’s Friendsgiving, I wanted a table with a lot of natural elements like greenery and lit candles. I pulled some inspo from one of may favorite bloggers Living With Landyn, if you want to check out her gorgeous table!

I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on table decorations, so was able to be a little thrifty and come up with some inexpensive ways to make this dinner table pop.

table, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving table, tablescape, Southern Style Diaries The lanterns were actually used at my wedding on top of the fireplace mantle, and I got them from an older sorority sister who used them at her wedding. They’ve been through a lot! I used little battery-powered votive candles inside, because our venue was a wooden horse barn and we couldn’t have real flames. I left those little guys in there and just switched them on. 

The real candles were unscented, so we didn’t have an overpowering smell on top of the cooking in the kitchen. I got a set of 20 of these small, white candles from Amazon for $10.99 and I know I can use them at tons of different parties we have! I lit them at 4 p.m. and they burned until my husband blew them out around 10 p.m. They’re surprisingly good quality!


The two little pumpkins are porcelain and from Target’s dollar section. Honestly I would have preferred the real, small pumpkins but Target didn’t have any and I definitely didn’t feel like going to another store…

The greenery is clipped from my mom’s garden. There is no need to buy greenery if you, your family, or your neighbor has a garden! You can clip several stems of greenery off a tree or bush and the tree looks no different. Plus, its free! (just make sure you ask first!) I tried to get a variety of leaves and stems, but I focused on laying the flat magnolia leaves across the table and then adding in the spruces in the more bald areas.



The stone and copper coasters were both gifts- the copper a wedding gift and the stone a Christmas gift from years ago. Here are some similar options for both!

Do you like setting up a pretty table, or are you more a grab-and-go kind of family? Let me know if you try this look!

Happy Thanksgiving/ Friendsgiving y’all!


One thing my wedding registry— and my house— is full of is rugs.

Lots of colorful, interesting rugs always makes a house feel like a home to me. My parents’ house is absolutely packed with Turkish and Persian rugs. I grew up going to flea markets and antique stores with my mom, hunting for the best deal on an authentic piece.

While our budget isn’t exactly friendly to the authentic Turkish rugs right now, I am all about stocking up on ones that are identical to them without the hefty price tag! I think these rugs can totally transform a room with little effort, and also helps protect your floors from muddy paws and coffee spills (guilty!).

Our floors also could use refinishing, but that’s definitely more of an investment than we’re planning to make at this point. Until then, some strategically placed rugs is more than perfect!

Also what I love is when you get tired of it in one spot, you can move it across the house to totally change another room. It’s like a home redo without the money.

rugs, Ivana Hrynkiw, Southern Style Diaries

Lucky for me, my Arabic fiance is ALL about a good rug and actually enjoys hunting for them! One of my favorite memories is being with my mom and Mitri at a flea market in New York when my mom found an amazing Oushak rug, and Mit had to carry it all the way back to our hotel in Midtown. I don’t think he’s as fond of this memory though…

Where to buy

Some of my favorite places to shop for affordable rugs are HomeGoods and TJ Maxx, flea markets, and off-the-beaten path antique stores. I’ve also found some great sites recently I love to keep my eyes on—  jossandmain.com, luluandgeorgia.com, and appleandoaknash.com.

I’m linking some of my favorites below so you can check them out, and maybe you’ll become obsessed too!

Tan and pink rug: Great for the dining room!

Purple and red runner: I would use this going from our dining room into a little side room. We usually close that area off, but I wouldn’t with a runner like this!

Pink and orange rug: If you have a large bathroom, this would be amazing. It wouldn’t fit in mine, but I could use it in my office/makeup room where I usually get ready.

Multicolor red rug: To me, this is kind of a standard Turkish-lookalike rug. Great for the living room or bedroom! And, this is from the Joanna Gaines line at BBB, which my registry is full of.

Gold and pink rug: This beauty would be amazing in a front entry room, or mudroom as the kids call it these days. I have a front table I would love to use this underneath. The light colors are so welcoming!

White and yellow rug: I have nothing like this white and yellow rug, and I am obsessed with it. It would look great in a bedroom or in a room that doesn’t get enough natural light… those light colors would fool everyone into thinking you had tons of windows.

Blue area rug: This guy is huge, making it a great piece for the den or living room. It would be awesome if you had a neutral-toned couch and a glass coffee table, because the rug would be the star of the show.

Pink and yellow rug: I would use this smaller rug at the top of the stairs, leading into the kitchen, or in the space before our bathroom door. Rugs like this are so versatile, and when you get tired of it somewhere you can just move it!Follow

If you’re planning a wedding, you know your registry is one of the most fun things to think about.

We haven’t officially registered yet (fingers crossed we’re going tomorrow!) but we have a list of things we know we want so the process can go a little bit smoother and we don’t go sticker crazy with things we don’t need or have room for. We’re planning on registering at Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, and either William Sonoma or Amazon. Haven’t quite nailed down that third one!

Here is a list of the top things I can’t wait to register for! If you’ve gotten married recently, what did you register for and what has ended up being the most useful thing you received?

Southern Style Diaries, registry, Ivana Hrynkiw1. AERIN Sea Blue Floral Salad Plates

Blue and white china is my FAVORITE china, and I think it looks great in a fancy situation or for a casual dinner party. There is so much you can do with this set and these colors, and I think it would look so pretty in our cabinets! Now, I just need a glass cabinet for them…

2. FirsTime Shiplap Wall Clock in White

The farmhouse obsession strikes again! I love shiplap, especially in this color combination. Wall clocks are the perfect combination of function and style– I have one in the kitchen, and we used to have a big one in the dining room, but it fell and we never replaced it. I think this would look so cute over our dining room table, and go so well with the wood detail on those walls!

3. Lucky Brand Embroidered Ikat Comforter Set

Bedding is something we always need (hello, sleeping with two dogs) and this cute Lucky Brand set is one of my favorites. I love white bedding, but the black detailing on this set won’t show as much dirt as a plain white comforter would. Also, the pattern is interesting without being overwhelming… which means I don’t have to redecorate our entire room to make this work!

4. OXO Stainless Steel Salad Spinner

This is the one thing my fiance wanted on our registry, so I don’t think I have much choice about including it. But, these are super helpful for mixing together a big salad and dressing so you can stick it in the fridge and eat on it for several days.

5. Fiesta Dancing Lady Cookie Jar

Ya’ll already know I have a Fiesta obsession, which you can read more about here. But, I don’t have this fancy cookie jar and I think I need it in my life. To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a typical registry item… but I’m going for it.

6. Magnolia Home Lucca Area Rug in Terracotta/Ivory

The line is by Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper, and the farmhouse look is my obsession, so this is a perfect line for me! I love rugs like this, especially to give a pop of character to an otherwise plain room. I want this rug in our bedroom underneath the bed, and I’m already visualizing it with the bedding mentioned above! Plus, I think most women will be excited to see her line on our registry so they can browse for themselves, too.

7. Philips TurboStar Digital Air Fryer

No words for this one. I have wanted one of these since I saw Living With Landyn (check out her blog if you never have!) use it in her Instagram stories, because she literally took everything in her kitchen and fried it. Being a southern girl, ya’ll know I love fried everrrrything, so this is exactly the kitchen gadget I need. Fried okra and fried Oreos are first on my list.
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IKEA is a massive, amazing, headache. It just is, and there is no other way to describe it. There are millions of products that the store has you thinking you need (you don’t) but also several that you do need… and you end up buying a combination of both. Its just the way the world of IKEA works.

In the last several years of trying to get our house in order, we’ve made several IKEA trips. We’ve bought furniture (some great pieces we still have, others that fell apart in months) and décor, and I think overall IKEA has some really good products– and deals– if you can spot them in the madness.

Here are some of my favorite things we’ve bought at IKEA over the years that have stuck with us, and why we love them so much!

LACK tables

The LACK tables are one of IKEA’s best sellers, and for good reason. These tables are crazy inexpensive, yet totally versatile and so easy to put together! You can literally use these tables for anything– they’re great as end tables or small décor tables especially. I think we have four in the house, but don’t quote me.

IKEA, furniture, home, decor

The LACK tables come in several colors and sizes, but all of ours are black. Mine pictured here has a small tablecloth over it, but the top is a matte black wood finish.

I should warn you that they seem to scratch easier than other wood tables, but for $10 its completely worth it, and I can’t say totally unexpected.

Kitchen rods

The IKEA Grundtal kitchen rods were one of our first purchases from the store and definitely have been our favorite. We have shorter and longer ones, and also a spice rack and bucket that attach to the rods with hooks. If you buy these rods, buy more hooks than you think you need! I promise! We had to go back twice for more hooks.

As for the spice rack and utensil bucket, they are amazing. There are several different attachments for these rods, so you can make these work depending on your needs. (See the entire series here)

We also got the magnetic knife rack to go with our rods, and it worked perfectly for our situation. It’s useful, the magnets are super strong, and it also keeps our scissors in a handy spot!

Both the rods and knife racks are lifesavers for us, because we don’t have much counter space to store these things. I also think the rods transformed our kitchen to the point where everyone who walks in the kitchen says something about our cool, industrial, and insanely useful wall.

P.S.–Our knives are from IKEA too, and we have adored them.

Pillows and pillow covers

At the very end of the home goods department in IKEA, there is a goldmine. That goldmine is the pillow section.

There are (what seems like) millions of sizes of pillow stuffing, and dozens of pillow covers to go with the stuffing. When I last visited IKEA I had recently bought several really cool pillow covers from a local store, but I needed stuffing. You can buy them at a craft store, but IKEA sells them much cheaper.

While I went to the pillow section solely for the stuffing, I must admit I bought a cover. It’s a white, fleece case with a huge penguin graphic. I have a problem, but I do not regret it. There are tons of cute ones though, like this one and this one too.

Fake plants

I know this sounds like a ridiculous one, but I promise it’s not. IKEA’s artificial plants are insanely real looking, to the point where I spent 10 minutes touching them the first time we went, trying to decide if they were fake. Disclaimer: Some are real!

I got three plants, a rod to hook them on (similar to the kitchen ones) and matching white tin buckets. This little set is hanging in the bathroom– I love small plants and succulents in bathrooms, but I am so bad about remembering to take care of them! This solves that problem, and I think the set looks perfect against the sea blue wall.

There are dozens of size and types of IKEA’s fake plants, and also tons of different display options.

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If your house is at all like mine, there isn’t a whole lot of storage space. I also really hate (visible) clutter, so it can be hard to figure out where things should belong. When I started moving things from my parent’s house to my fiancés, I quickly realized what a lifesaver cute storage options really are.

There are millions of variations of the options below, but you can really take these ideas and make them your own! For example, I have some wooden crates I bought for $6 at a local hardware store– I’m going to stain them to match our bed frame and use them to store sheets. It just depends on your style and needs, but something similar to options can work for anyone.

I’ve listed and linked below some of my favorite storage options and how I use them. I hope this list gives you some inspiration, and let me know how you use them!

home, storage, home storage

1. Wicker basket: I have an addiction to baskets like these, and I have them all over the house. In the closet, in the pantry, under the sink… I love them. You can usually find baskets in the same color but in different shapes and sizes at T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods, and then you can create unity while getting the different sizes you need to hold your stuff. (Buy the one pictured here)

2. Marble lazy Susan: While most people think lazy Susan’s are only for the kitchen (which they are great for!), they can actually be used for so many things. A pretty marble one can be used for things like nail polish or jewelry holders, while you can keep the wooden one in the kitchen. (Buy the one pictured here)

3. Bamboo shoe rack: I have two of these racks and I probably could use another. I use them for my heels, Mit’s shoes, and even hats! They stack, too, which is great for shoe hoarders like me. (Buy the one pictured here)

4. Painted jars: I bought a can of rose gold metallic spray paint at Walmart and I’ve never looked back. It takes 5 minutes to spray a few Mason jars (or plain glass jars from the dollar store), but they look like you paid high-dollar for them at a boutique. I use mine for makeup storage (check that out here!) but you can also use them for pens if you have an office.

5. Wooden cart: This is something I showed in my office room makeover too, and I hadn’t even taken the tag off of it in the picture! I loved it so much, I just loaded everything in it without even ripping off that pesky price tag. Obviously, I kept it. I use my cart for makeup storage (again) and for my camera gear. Use it in the bathroom for washcloths and essentials, or try it if you have a walk-in closet for socks and tights.  (Buy the one pictured here)

6. Trunk: In my parents’ house, at my college apartment, and now, I have always had a trunk at the foot of my bed. As a kid, it held my stuffed animals and toys. In college, it held books. Now, it is used for sheets and duvet covers. I love the idea of a trunk at the foot of the bed, and I think its safe to say I will always have one. Literally, throw anything you need in there! (Buy the one pictured here)

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You always want the places in your house that you’re in most often to look, and feel, the best. My favorite spots in our house are where we gather with our friends and families– in the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. But, there’s one more room I spend a majority of my time… my record room and office. And recently, I got the urge to give that room a makeover.

When we first got settled, we bought a record player and put it in a small room down the hallway. We bought great records, and turned up the volume so we could hear it down the hall. Those were great memories— but eventually, we used that room for something else (a closet) and moved the records, and I combined that room with my sudo-office.

I’m slightly embarrassed to show these before pictures… but one thing led to another and this mess just got out of control!


I knew something had to give. So, I went to HomeGoods and the Dollar Tree and went to work.

Unfortunately, you have to make a mess to organize. First, I took everything out and laid it on the desk. I did a huge clean out, and threw away anything that was old or I didn’t use.

(I’m sorry for the dark pictures. I got the urge to start this makeover in the middle of the night… )
office makeover, office, home, decor


Then, the fun part.  After a day of work, I did it!

I knew I needed several plastic containers to organize eye makeup, foundation, lipsticks, etc. I bought a few in different shapes and sizes to see what worked best, and to keep things a little different.

I had painted these mason jars copper a few years back for my brushes, but they were just too big. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought glass marbles, poured them in the jars to fill the bottoms, and then stuck my brushes in. Viola!

I also bought this rustic little cart, where I put some the containers to keep everything more organized. I also have a few wicker baskets, and I think it looks really cool combined with the plastic containers and my white desk. The desk? IKEA! 

The jewelry holders are both from HomeGoods and also things I had at my parents’ house. The cute, boho rug is also from HomeGoods. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

And that cool green glass bottle? The Dollar Tree!

I hope this post helps you get some ideas to organize your office or desk. If it does, please let me know or send me pictures of your progress. As always, thanks for reading the Southern Style Diaries.



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Our closet is a mess. It’s a tiny, dark room that requires me to stand on a step stool anytime I walk in there. Recently, my fiancé and I decided that we were taking drastic action… and making a walk-in closet. Now, we couldn’t really build one on or expand the current closet (nor could I afford to) so we looked into other options.

He talked to a professional company about designing one, but that would cost about $2,000… which isn’t happening. After some pushing from me, we went to Lowe’s and bought an Allen and Roth closet system that we designed to meet our needs and measurements.

Disclaimer: We aren’t finished with the project yet, but I was so excited I couldn’t wait to share! Check back in the next week or so for an update! 

Getting started with your walk-in

I didn’t plan to buy anything when we went into Lowe’s.

But, when we saw the closet aisle, I was hooked. While several brands had similar closet systems, we were drawn to Allen and Roth because of the rich finish of their wood, the way the pieces were very customizable, and their prices.

For reference, everything we purchased was in the color Java.

The area we planned to make into our walk-in closet is a small room on the second floor, right across from our bedroom and bathroom. The location and size made it perfect for a closet. The room was not being used for anything, either, so there was really nothing to be moved out!

how we did it

For our room, and disastrous plaster walls, we didn’t want anything that had to be mounted. We picked the Ventilated Wood Closet Tower ($159) to be our focal point.

Then, we chose two 6-foot Ventilated Wood Closet Shelves ($69.98 each) to use next to the tower for more folded items or baskets. For our hanging clothes, we used the hooks that came with the shelves and purchased expandable poles ($13.98) to insert in the hooks and create racks.

As installation goes, we plan to put one of the shelf/rack combos a few inches above the top of the closet tower, because the pole hangs about one inch below the shelf. We will add the other about midway up the tower.

For a smaller wall, we purchased another Ventilated Wood Closet Shelf ($49.98)— but this time in the 4-foot option. We plan to hang that on a smaller wall that is virtually useless for anything else.

Last but not least, we decided on the Ladder Shelf Bookcase ($119) to give us a little more storage, but also because it looks so cute!

overall thoughts with our new walk-in closet

I was insanely pleased with what Allen and Roth had to offer in terms of a walk-in closet & just home organization in general. With all of the furniture we bought, and the nails/anchors we needed for plaster walls, we walked out of the store with spending just over $500. In comparison with other options, I think we really got the best bang for our buck!

Everything was also very well labeled, which made the putting together process not as bad as I expected. All we have to do now is finish hanging the shelves!

I think were going to really enjoy our new walk-in closet! If you have a spare room, I highly suggest you build it into something you will use and enjoy everyday. Let me know if you do, or if you try any of these products!

where to buy products

Everything in this post is from Lowe’s in the home organization aisle. Additionally, everything is made by Allen and Roth and is displayed right together and all on the same aisle! (At least it was in my store). Links to purchase online, or see whats available in your store, are below.

Wood tower

6-foot shelf

4-foot shelf

Ladder shelf

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One of my favorite places in my house is the kitchen. Not only do I love food, and love to cook and bake, I love how the kitchen seems to always be a gathering place. Everyone comes in the kitchen to talk while the water boils, or help wash dishes, or to grab a cookie after dinner.

I also love having friends and family over for meals. My table is always set, just in case someone decides to stop by for an impromptu dinner.


Which brings me to this post. For my birthday, my mom took me to a hidden gem called the Alabama Dish Outlet and bought me a set of Fiesta plates. If there’s anything I love more than the kitchen, it’s the Fiesta ware that’s supposed to be there! I have loved Fiesta dishes since I was little and saw them on my grandmother’s wall, and now I have a set of my own. Thanks mama!


Almost as much fun as getting the plates was the experience of the Alabama Dish Outlet. Located off the interstate in Oxford, the outlet is a small building off a gravel drive. When you walk in, you immediately see Fiesta from the floor to the ceiling- in what seems like hundreds of colors and styles. If you want more information on this hidden gem and their amazing prices, check out their Facebook page. (We saved over 70%!)


I wanted to have a common color scheme, and not all my pieces to be the exact same color. I went with a very earthy palette of greens and yellows that I think will look so good in our kitchen! If you’re into the mismatched look, the Fiesta website has a great feature where you can see which colors look good together.


Our walls are a soft yellow, and we have hickory colored wood throughout the room. I also want to paint the cabinets one of these days, and I know a cream color will look great with these dishes.



Dinner plates: “Lemongrass” (Light, yellow green)

Salad plates: “Sunflower” (Light yellow)

Bowls: “Pale Yellow” (Yellowish cream)

Platters, dishes: “Sunflower,” “Marigold” (discontinued color), “Pale Yellow”

Fiesta, plates, dishes

Do you love Fiesta as much as I do, or is there another dish ware brand you use? Let me know what you think about my new plates and color palette!  


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It’s been a while since I made a post on my home, so I thought right now was the perfect time. Everyone is starting to get in spring-cleaning mode, and what’s a better way to change up your space than hanging something new on the walls?

One of my favorite forms of art is old concert posters. I think they are so vintage and classic, but still can look clean and polished if you frame them correctly. Don’t think about your teenage bedroom- think about a funky, new-age loft.

My mom got me five amazing posters from some of my favorite artists in New Orleans… for $1 a piece! She brought them back and helped me frame, and hang, them once we had our hallway painted. (Yeah, she’s an angel.)


Below is how we styled my concert posters, and how you can too!

You’ll need scissors or an X-Acto knife (which will change your life if you don’t have one), a ruler, nails or hooks, and a hammer for the basic framing and hanging. I’ll talk more about the frames below.

First, get a mental image of how you want your posters to look when they make it on the wall. Do you want them scattered in a gallery wall? Or diagonally stacked, like mine? What color room are you hanging them in? This is all important as to the size and color of the frames you will purchase.

Once you figure that out, I suggest buying frames that do not require a mat. It will save you time (and stress) if you can make your poster fit in the frame. My posters were closest to the frame size 11×14– they needed a little trimming for a perfect fit. For the frames, I suggest buying ones that the 4 edges slide off and then slide back on to reconnect. These are perfect!  (via Amazon)

This is how these kinds of frames work: Lay your poster on top of the cardboard that comes with the frame. Trim your poster to the exact size of the cardboard, using your ruler as a straight edge. Then, lay the poster on top of the cardboard and start with one of the the SIDE edges- I’ve found that this makes the rest of the process so much easier. Slide on the side piece, encompassing the cardboard, poster, and glass (or plastic).


Getting started is the hard part- now you just have to add the other three sides! I suggest doing the top piece second, bottom piece third, and adding the other side piece last. Viola! You’re done! (Now, just do that to every poster.)

Arrange your posters

Once you’re finished framing, take the posters to the area you want to hang them in. At this stage, it helps to have another person to help you arrange the frames in the order you want.


Your frames will have some sort of hanging mechanism on the back, probably a small triangle hook. Pencil in where you want the nail to go, and hammer in the nail (a flat hook against the wall will work better if you have the triangle hook attached to your frame). Hang and repeat.

Tip: If you have plaster walls like I do, place a piece of masking take over the penciled spot where you’re planning to hammer. It will prevent your walls from crumbling!

You did it! If you like this look, or use this tutorial, please leave me a comment or photo showing your progress! And if you want more posts like this, let me know in the comments.

Happy decorating!

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