If all this staying at home is doing anything to me, it’s really making me obsess over my house. I am cleaning, de-cluttering, reorganizing, and more. So at least if we had to have a global health crisis, it came during Spring Cleaning!

(I also caved and bought a Dyson. Best. Decision. Ever.)

I’ve definitely touched every room in the house during this work/stay/not leave home time, but the room I mostly want to transform is our bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with our bedroom– I just have a different vision for it at this point. I wanted to share what my vision is and what I want for that room.

I have several cute ideas for the bed set. I think this is my favorite bed set so far— I love the gray color, and I’m obsessed with the four-poster style. I will say though, Mitri will leave me if our next bed isn’t a king!

Rooms To Go four-poster bed
Rooms To Go bed

My home decor style is definitely a mold of things. I love the clean, white and gray distressed farmhouse look. But, I also love pops of color and bohemian touches like oriental rugs, bright plates, etc. I also firmly believe you can’t go wrong with a blue and white pattern. Call it the Southern lady in me.

I love my side tables, they just need a little sanding and a coat of paint after one of our dogs really loved on one of them… But, I like these too, especially the shelf for extra storage.

Rooms To Go nightstand
Rooms To Go nightstand

GOSH I love these lamps. They are farmhouse and rustic, but also have the best boho details. You gotta have a lamp for late-night reading! This pendant light is also great for when we need a little more light.

So, there’s my dream bedroom!

Are yall obsessively cleaning during quarantine and mentally redoing your house? Let me know what you are thinking for your home!

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