I love podcasts.

I love turning on a podcast when I’m doing my makeup, or getting dressed, because it’s the perfect time to completely zone into a show without sacrificing time I already have trouble finding. Also, I love listening to podcasts in the car because it makes time go by so fast– especially on long trips!

I put together a list of my top 6 podcast favorites so you can check out what I’m listening to, or if you’re a podcast newbie, you can find your new favorite. Happy listening!

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Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate was not what I expected it to be. The show is about a cult, named Heaven’s Gate, where dozens of members committed a mass suicide in the 1990s in a California mansion. The podcast starts at the beginning, with background on the founders of the cult and how they started the group. Host Glynn Washington, who actually grew up in a cult environment, shares some of his experiences too… and it’s fascinating to hear the story through his perspective. Washington talks to members who left the group before the suicide, including some who still believe in the group’s ideals. It was weird, sometimes creepy, and fascinating all at the same time. If you’re into dark movies and shows (hello, me) then you will love this!

The Influencer Podcast

This podcast comes from Julie Solomon, the Goddess of internet marketing and blogging. While I am in no way caught up in this show, I love taking an hour or two out of my week to hear her advice and tips on how to successfully grow in this ever-changing, sometimes scary, and amazing thing we call the internet. The show is done in an interview format with a new guest each week, and I love Julie’s interview tactics. She always asks the questions I want to hear and has a great knack for picking up on key takeaway points from each week. I always learn something during this podcast and I love being able to implement it in my website immediately! Even if you aren’t a blogger or influencer, you can see the passion Julie has and how carefully she studies the field.


As a crime reporter myself, of course I got sucked into Serial. The format is a little different than I expected it to be, but each episode hooked me even more. Season one of the show is about a man named Adnan, who was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend in 1999… but, he may have got a raw deal. Season two is about Bowe Bergdahl, which I thought I wouldn’t like, but I ended up loving. Both seasons are fast-paced but also give you every detail you need, and each lets you make up your mind on what you think really happened.

Up and Vanished

This podcast took over my life! It’s about an murder in Georgia that’s been unsolved for more than a decade, and the case is allegedly the largest in GBI history. It’s a long show, but host Payne Lindsey talks to everyone involved in the case from start to finish. He talks about tons of crazy theories, and his investigation actually led to an arrest in the case last year. Now, the case is unfolding in real time, which is fascinating. Again, it’s looooong, but I was interested in every episode. I hope Payne updates the show as the alleged killer goes through the court process! He’s got a new podcast now, called Atlanta Monster, but I am not as into it as I was UAV.

A Killing on the Cape

If you liked Serial, you’ll love A Killing on the Cape. The podcast is from ABC’s 20/20 team, and is about a murder in the early 2000s on Cape Cod. The victim was a single mom, who was also a fashion writer for top magazines like W and Vogue. After years of investigating, authorities arrest a man and convict him of her murder. The story is intriguing and heartbreaking, and truth be told I have more questions now than I did before listening. That being said, it’s worth it.

Becoming Fearless

Similar to The Influencer podcast, Becoming Fearless is the Style Collective podcast by SC creator Annie Spano. You don’t have to be a SC member to access the show though! It’s also in interview format, and features Annie talking to marketers, influencers, motivational speakers, and more. While it is a lot like Julie Solomon’s show, I think Annie’s focuses a little less on the business aspect of entrepreneurship and more on the mindset. She talks a lot about spiritual wellbeing, meditation, and how to get in the right head space for starting a blog or an online business. I get a lot of inspiration from hearing Annie’s conversations, and I think you will too.

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