IKEA is a massive, amazing, headache. It just is, and there is no other way to describe it. There are millions of products that the store has you thinking you need (you don’t) but also several that you do need… and you end up buying a combination of both. Its just the way the world of IKEA works.

In the last several years of trying to get our house in order, we’ve made several IKEA trips. We’ve bought furniture (some great pieces we still have, others that fell apart in months) and décor, and I think overall IKEA has some really good products– and deals– if you can spot them in the madness.

Here are some of my favorite things we’ve bought at IKEA over the years that have stuck with us, and why we love them so much!

LACK tables

The LACK tables are one of IKEA’s best sellers, and for good reason. These tables are crazy inexpensive, yet totally versatile and so easy to put together! You can literally use these tables for anything– they’re great as end tables or small décor tables especially. I think we have four in the house, but don’t quote me.

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The LACK tables come in several colors and sizes, but all of ours are black. Mine pictured here has a small tablecloth over it, but the top is a matte black wood finish.

I should warn you that they seem to scratch easier than other wood tables, but for $10 its completely worth it, and I can’t say totally unexpected.

Kitchen rods

The IKEA Grundtal kitchen rods were one of our first purchases from the store and definitely have been our favorite. We have shorter and longer ones, and also a spice rack and bucket that attach to the rods with hooks. If you buy these rods, buy more hooks than you think you need! I promise! We had to go back twice for more hooks.

As for the spice rack and utensil bucket, they are amazing. There are several different attachments for these rods, so you can make these work depending on your needs. (See the entire series here)

We also got the magnetic knife rack to go with our rods, and it worked perfectly for our situation. It’s useful, the magnets are super strong, and it also keeps our scissors in a handy spot!

Both the rods and knife racks are lifesavers for us, because we don’t have much counter space to store these things. I also think the rods transformed our kitchen to the point where everyone who walks in the kitchen says something about our cool, industrial, and insanely useful wall.

P.S.–Our knives are from IKEA too, and we have adored them.

Pillows and pillow covers

At the very end of the home goods department in IKEA, there is a goldmine. That goldmine is the pillow section.

There are (what seems like) millions of sizes of pillow stuffing, and dozens of pillow covers to go with the stuffing. When I last visited IKEA I had recently bought several really cool pillow covers from a local store, but I needed stuffing. You can buy them at a craft store, but IKEA sells them much cheaper.

While I went to the pillow section solely for the stuffing, I must admit I bought a cover. It’s a white, fleece case with a huge penguin graphic. I have a problem, but I do not regret it. There are tons of cute ones though, like this one and this one too.

Fake plants

I know this sounds like a ridiculous one, but I promise it’s not. IKEA’s artificial plants are insanely real looking, to the point where I spent 10 minutes touching them the first time we went, trying to decide if they were fake. Disclaimer: Some are real!

I got three plants, a rod to hook them on (similar to the kitchen ones) and matching white tin buckets. This little set is hanging in the bathroom– I love small plants and succulents in bathrooms, but I am so bad about remembering to take care of them! This solves that problem, and I think the set looks perfect against the sea blue wall.

There are dozens of size and types of IKEA’s fake plants, and also tons of different display options.

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