Makeup Revolution isn’t the most talked-about brand. It’s not super easily accessible in the U.S. (it’s only available at Ulta here) and not many beauty YouTubers rave about their new products like they do with NYX or Maybelline.

All of that said, Makeup Revolution is a goldmine. It’s super affordable– with large eyeshadow palettes for $15 and lipsticks for $5– and the quality is great. I have used a few of their products in the past, but I have really been loving them since I discovered some of their most coveted products.

These are a few things from the line that I’m really looking forward to this fall and had seen online. I recently bought these from Ulta when there was a gift promo, for a free highlighter and blush palette with any Makeup Revolution purchase… safe to say, I was sold.

So far, of what I’ve used from this haul, I have really enjoyed the products! If you’re interested, I will certainly follow up with a review or a video.

Makeup Revolution

  1. Rose Gold Lipstick (Chauffeur)

Rumor is these lipsticks are dupes for the Charlotte Tilbury ones, even down to the packaging. I have never tried those, but I am in if they’re anything like the MR version!

2. Vivid Baked Highlighters (Radiant Lights)

This swatch is so beautiful, I had to resist buying all the colors. I haven’t used on my face yet, but just testing it made me excited.

3.  Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette 

Total disclaimer: I went to the store to buy this, and walked out with the Flawless 2 palette on accident. That one’s awesome too, but I am probably returning that to buy this one because those are the colors I’m more interested in. Flawless 3 looks so similar to Naked Heat, I want to find out if its a dupe! Flawless 2 is great though, especially if you’re looking for more cool tones and a range of browns. Thumbs up on both palettes!

4. Vivid Shimmer Brick (Radiant) 

This product totally reminds me of a bronzer I had in high school, that me and my friend Marissa used until it was in pieces. We used it as a bronzer, eyeshadow, and probably whatever else we thought was trendy at the time. So, this was partly a nostalgic purchase but also partly because I’m a sucker for sparkly gold eyeshadow.

5. Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit (Reign)

Kylie lip kit, anyone? My future mother-in-law got me hooked on the Kylie kits, so I had to check this out.

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