If your house is at all like mine, there isn’t a whole lot of storage space. I also really hate (visible) clutter, so it can be hard to figure out where things should belong. When I started moving things from my parent’s house to my fiancés, I quickly realized what a lifesaver cute storage options really are.

There are millions of variations of the options below, but you can really take these ideas and make them your own! For example, I have some wooden crates I bought for $6 at a local hardware store– I’m going to stain them to match our bed frame and use them to store sheets. It just depends on your style and needs, but something similar to options can work for anyone.

I’ve listed and linked below some of my favorite storage options and how I use them. I hope this list gives you some inspiration, and let me know how you use them!

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1. Wicker basket: I have an addiction to baskets like these, and I have them all over the house. In the closet, in the pantry, under the sink… I love them. You can usually find baskets in the same color but in different shapes and sizes at T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods, and then you can create unity while getting the different sizes you need to hold your stuff. (Buy the one pictured here)

2. Marble lazy Susan: While most people think lazy Susan’s are only for the kitchen (which they are great for!), they can actually be used for so many things. A pretty marble one can be used for things like nail polish or jewelry holders, while you can keep the wooden one in the kitchen. (Buy the one pictured here)

3. Bamboo shoe rack: I have two of these racks and I probably could use another. I use them for my heels, Mit’s shoes, and even hats! They stack, too, which is great for shoe hoarders like me. (Buy the one pictured here)

4. Painted jars: I bought a can of rose gold metallic spray paint at Walmart and I’ve never looked back. It takes 5 minutes to spray a few Mason jars (or plain glass jars from the dollar store), but they look like you paid high-dollar for them at a boutique. I use mine for makeup storage (check that out here!) but you can also use them for pens if you have an office.

5. Wooden cart: This is something I showed in my office room makeover too, and I hadn’t even taken the tag off of it in the picture! I loved it so much, I just loaded everything in it without even ripping off that pesky price tag. Obviously, I kept it. I use my cart for makeup storage (again) and for my camera gear. Use it in the bathroom for washcloths and essentials, or try it if you have a walk-in closet for socks and tights.  (Buy the one pictured here)

6. Trunk: In my parents’ house, at my college apartment, and now, I have always had a trunk at the foot of my bed. As a kid, it held my stuffed animals and toys. In college, it held books. Now, it is used for sheets and duvet covers. I love the idea of a trunk at the foot of the bed, and I think its safe to say I will always have one. Literally, throw anything you need in there! (Buy the one pictured here)

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