Our closet is a mess. It’s a tiny, dark room that requires me to stand on a step stool anytime I walk in there. Recently, my fiancé and I decided that we were taking drastic action… and making a walk-in closet. Now, we couldn’t really build one on or expand the current closet (nor could I afford to) so we looked into other options.

He talked to a professional company about designing one, but that would cost about $2,000… which isn’t happening. After some pushing from me, we went to Lowe’s and bought an Allen and Roth closet system that we designed to meet our needs and measurements.

Disclaimer: We aren’t finished with the project yet, but I was so excited I couldn’t wait to share! Check back in the next week or so for an update! 

Getting started with your walk-in

I didn’t plan to buy anything when we went into Lowe’s.

But, when we saw the closet aisle, I was hooked. While several brands had similar closet systems, we were drawn to Allen and Roth because of the rich finish of their wood, the way the pieces were very customizable, and their prices.

For reference, everything we purchased was in the color Java.

The area we planned to make into our walk-in closet is a small room on the second floor, right across from our bedroom and bathroom. The location and size made it perfect for a closet. The room was not being used for anything, either, so there was really nothing to be moved out!

how we did it

For our room, and disastrous plaster walls, we didn’t want anything that had to be mounted. We picked the Ventilated Wood Closet Tower ($159) to be our focal point.

Then, we chose two 6-foot Ventilated Wood Closet Shelves ($69.98 each) to use next to the tower for more folded items or baskets. For our hanging clothes, we used the hooks that came with the shelves and purchased expandable poles ($13.98) to insert in the hooks and create racks.

As installation goes, we plan to put one of the shelf/rack combos a few inches above the top of the closet tower, because the pole hangs about one inch below the shelf. We will add the other about midway up the tower.

For a smaller wall, we purchased another Ventilated Wood Closet Shelf ($49.98)— but this time in the 4-foot option. We plan to hang that on a smaller wall that is virtually useless for anything else.

Last but not least, we decided on the Ladder Shelf Bookcase ($119) to give us a little more storage, but also because it looks so cute!

overall thoughts with our new walk-in closet

I was insanely pleased with what Allen and Roth had to offer in terms of a walk-in closet & just home organization in general. With all of the furniture we bought, and the nails/anchors we needed for plaster walls, we walked out of the store with spending just over $500. In comparison with other options, I think we really got the best bang for our buck!

Everything was also very well labeled, which made the putting together process not as bad as I expected. All we have to do now is finish hanging the shelves!

I think were going to really enjoy our new walk-in closet! If you have a spare room, I highly suggest you build it into something you will use and enjoy everyday. Let me know if you do, or if you try any of these products!

where to buy products

Everything in this post is from Lowe’s in the home organization aisle. Additionally, everything is made by Allen and Roth and is displayed right together and all on the same aisle! (At least it was in my store). Links to purchase online, or see whats available in your store, are below.

Wood tower

6-foot shelf

4-foot shelf

Ladder shelf

This post is not sponsored; all opinions are my own. 

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