I swear, I’m not dead.

Its been more nearly 2 weeks since my last post and I feel so bad! Things have gotten a little crazy in life, but I’m back. And, I brought the coveted Tarte Shape Tape with me!


This concealer has taken the makeup world by storm and is SO hard to find. I believe its exclusive to Ulta (if you aren’t buying through Tarte) so your store options are limited. I totally recommend calling before you go and seeing which colors they have in stock, or when their next shipment will be. Tarte’s website has a really accurate description of the color range… see that here.

Ulta also has an option in the app to see if any stores near you have the item you’re looking for. That can be helpful, but store employees have told me it isn’t always accurate.

While the Ulta employee (who was awesome) matched me with fair neutral, I bought fair beige because it had a little more pink in it, which I like. That means I don’t have to use my normal Maybelline dark circle eraser underneath! The Shape Tape cost me about $25.


Below is a video of my first impressions of the product, which I have been using daily ever since! Here is the brush I used and mentioned in the video.

PS- There were a few technical difficulties in this video… including but not limited to a noisy camera lens, Grant barking, and a cell ringing. Please excuse my life.

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