One of my favorite places in my house is the kitchen. Not only do I love food, and love to cook and bake, I love how the kitchen seems to always be a gathering place. Everyone comes in the kitchen to talk while the water boils, or help wash dishes, or to grab a cookie after dinner.

I also love having friends and family over for meals. My table is always set, just in case someone decides to stop by for an impromptu dinner.


Which brings me to this post. For my birthday, my mom took me to a hidden gem called the Alabama Dish Outlet and bought me a set of Fiesta plates. If there’s anything I love more than the kitchen, it’s the Fiesta ware that’s supposed to be there! I have loved Fiesta dishes since I was little and saw them on my grandmother’s wall, and now I have a set of my own. Thanks mama!


Almost as much fun as getting the plates was the experience of the Alabama Dish Outlet. Located off the interstate in Oxford, the outlet is a small building off a gravel drive. When you walk in, you immediately see Fiesta from the floor to the ceiling- in what seems like hundreds of colors and styles. If you want more information on this hidden gem and their amazing prices, check out their Facebook page. (We saved over 70%!)


I wanted to have a common color scheme, and not all my pieces to be the exact same color. I went with a very earthy palette of greens and yellows that I think will look so good in our kitchen! If you’re into the mismatched look, the Fiesta website has a great feature where you can see which colors look good together.


Our walls are a soft yellow, and we have hickory colored wood throughout the room. I also want to paint the cabinets one of these days, and I know a cream color will look great with these dishes.



Dinner plates: “Lemongrass” (Light, yellow green)

Salad plates: “Sunflower” (Light yellow)

Bowls: “Pale Yellow” (Yellowish cream)

Platters, dishes: “Sunflower,” “Marigold” (discontinued color), “Pale Yellow”

Fiesta, plates, dishes

Do you love Fiesta as much as I do, or is there another dish ware brand you use? Let me know what you think about my new plates and color palette!  


This post is not sponsored; all opinions are my own

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