(I need to first apologize for leaving everyone hanging last week without a post. I had a family emergency and did not have time to breathe, let alone post. Sorry for anyone’s disappointment!)

There are some drugstore foundations that are arguably the best on the market, beating even their high-end competitors. We all want a flawless face, but I would rather not spend $50 on a product I use daily and often run out of. Drugstore, to the rescue!

Below are my favorite, inexpensive foundations that you can find at most Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and  Rite Aid stores near you.

(P.S.- I don’t even own any high-end foundation anymore!)

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless ($4.97 at Walmart)


I had a rough start with this foundation. I bought it when it first came out, and everyone on YouTube was obsessed with it. I don’t know what happened, maybe I got a dud, but it was horrible. The color oxidized on my face within two hours, and it made me look more oily than I am. But after seeing all of my favorite beauty gurus reach for this product lately, I decided to give it another shot.

I am so glad I did- because I am in love with it now! It makes my pores much less noticeable and gives me all day coverage. If you get this and don’t like it, try another color (I wear 112 Natural Ivory) and you will be a believer.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector ($7.59 at Target)

This is the perfect BB cream for my skin, because it covers up my redness without looking too heavy for a no-makeup day. It has a water-like consistency so you can build it up over areas that need a little more coverage, but overall this is definitely more of a tinted moisturizer.  The lasting power isn’t amazing, but you kind of expect that with a product this thin. It also has SPF 30, which is my savior. (P.S.- I like this better than the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer that the whole world is in love with!)


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I grouped these two products together because they are incredibly similar. Unfortunately, the colors do not totally coordinate though. I wear a shade lighter in the Stay Fabulous, and it is still a shade darker than the Stay Luminous. These foundations are both two of my holy grail products. The Stay Fabulous product lasts me all day, even after work and running errands. The Stay Luminous gives you more of a dewy finish, and it has tiny sparkles in it to reflect light off of your face, giving you a glowy look. Both are great, but go with Stay Fabulous if you want a more matte look and longer wear.



This foundation is a new love of mine. I just purchased this about a month ago, because I wanted to see what kind of ‘fresh complexion’ this would give me. I am so glad I fell for that, because I absolutely love it! Ready, Set, Gorgeous gives you a very ‘I woke up like this’ look in just a few swipes.

I am a morning reporter, so sometimes I am headed to an important story at 5 a.m. and don’t have time to do my full-face routine. I keep this in my purse and in a pinch, I just squeeze some product on my fingers and rub it in all over my face and jawline. This foundation doesn’t leave you looking like you wandered out of the house without putting on blush and bronzer, but it leaves you looking like you got plenty of sleep and your face is even. Recently, I discovered that this works just as well with the rest of my makeup (blush, highlight, bronzer) and still looks fresh and natural.

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