The upstairs porch is off of my boyfriend’s man-cave, so it’s safe to say that his messiness spewed out onto the porch. This fall though, I am determined to make that porch my getaway spot! This weekend, I am taking the plunge: I’m going to IKEA.

Some things I am planning to get include pillows, tableware, pots or planters, and décor. I also wouldn’t mind another chair, because there is another side to this porch that has no furniture and is not pictured.

This is a totally blank space- which is exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

I’ve tried to get an idea of what I want the final result to be, and this is what I have currently:


-String lights: Since there is no overhead lighting out here, string lights seemed like the best option. These lights are from years ago at Target- they had been sitting in the basement forever but, low and behold, they are hung now! There is another side to the porch that we didn’t have enough lights for, but Target doesn’t sell these exact lights anymore. I’m either going to have to get a new style of lights for the whole porch or just convince myself to use two separate styles. Stay tuned for that decision.



-Throw: Tuesday Morning (I wouldn’t mind grabbing another, more plush blanket for cooler nights)

-Cushions: Tuesday Morning

-Runner: Bargain Hunt


-Dining table: Courtesy of my brother’s old apartment

-Wicker side table (not pictured): Garage sale


Stay tuned for my post in the coming weeks on what I bought from IKEA and how the transformation goes!

(Oh, and please throw any suggestions or ideas my way. Lord knows I need them.)

This post is not sponsored; all opinions are my own.


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