Yes, I am just jumping on board the Colourpop train. I have one word for the products I purchased: Obsessed.

I bought (well, Mitri bought it actually. Thanks, boo!) three products that I had heard great things about, all in different categories so I could get a well-rounded feel for the brand.

In my purchase: A sculpting stick for contouring, an eyeshadow, and a lipstick.

Sculpting Stix in Dove, $5— 10/10

Colourpop contour.jpg

This might be my holy grail of contour products. The marker-like applicator is easy to apply exactly where you want it, and the formula is creamy enough to blend in easily (I use a brush because I don’t want to mix that color on my Beauty Blender). The color dries to a powder finish, but it doesn’t look chalky or heavy. I usually don’t go too crazy on my contour, but this makes me want to. I use it on my cheekbones, corners of my forehead, and my nose.


Super Shock Shadow in Weenie, $5—- 8/10

A rose-gold eye shadow is my go to, because it’s so versatile and gives you such a fresh look. This shadow is super pigmented and has a soft texture, so the makers encourage you to use your finger when applying it. I found that if I am using it in my crease, a fluffy dome-shaped brush is perfect and gives you the rose-gold color without being overbearing. For more drama, I apply a little with my finger over the softer color or into the outer corner of my eyes. I haven’t used this with my finger all over my lid yet, but I’m sure the color would be more dramatic and beautiful. It stays on, even in the Alabama heat, but after a few hours I noticed a little flaking where I used my finger to apply. I still love the product and the color though, so I will just look for a good primer and use it anyway!


Lippie Stix in Flawless, $5 —- 9/10

Makeup colors

A perfect purple lipstick is essential for the fall. You have to have it. While I sometimes go for darker, more vampy purples, this color caught my eye. When applied, its more of a violet color that leaves behind a beautiful raspberry stain. I love the way it looks against my (admittedly, pale) skin and how white it makes my teeth look. Pair this lip color with a smoky eye and a black dress for a night out, or wear with simple makeup for a pop of color. I gave this product a 9 solely because I need to wear a lip liner with it, or it strays a little outside of the lines.


Have you tried any Colourpop products? What do I need to try next?

All products above are available here.

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