My boyfriend and I live in a 100 year-old house.

When I moved in, all I could see was green.

The ugly, dark Kelly green paint flaking off the side of the house.

We lived in a frat house-esque home for the first year, with four male roommates. I went home to my parent’s house often, because I couldn’t quite stomach the idea of sleeping on a mattress that was on the floor.

Then, we redid the living room. I’m not even sure how it happened- but one day there was a dirty love seat and paper-thin rug on the floor, and the next day it was gone. We had a new (to us) couch, a coffee table, and a few lamps.

And that sparked it.

Ever since, I’ve had the home improvement bug. We’ve painted, gone to IKEA, planted trees, drilled holes, stained wood… and we’re not finished.

I’m proud of our home. We have a table that is always set, a fireplace ready to be lit, and a bowl where our keys go. We have throw pillows, baskets, cookbooks, and pictures.

Now, it (kind of) looks like a real house!

Stay tuned for pretty, Southern, ways to transform your house into a home.

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