Let’s just say I did a little too much shopping the other day… including during a trip to Free People. That’s always my vice.

This should also just be called “I live in t-shirts” because that’s pretty much my life motto. I would rather be comfortable 100% percent of the time, and if I can be comfy AND cute, well, that is just my cup of tea. You’re about to see several t-shirts, which I know sounds crazy I buy t-shirts at Free People… but hear me out. These tees are durable and well-made, and are cut perfectly. They can go with anything, and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Free People leopard print pants
Free People leopard print pants

Wake Up Pants: These PANTS oh my lord. They are so lightweight that you can wear them in an Alabama summer, which says something. They aren’t lined, but that would make them heavier. They have a cute little waist tie that makes them still flattering, even though they are loose and flowy throughout the legs. I got an extra small, but a small would have been fine too.

Free People graphic tee

Led Zeppelin Asia Tour Tee: I know this is pricey for a band tee, but hear me out. The material is 100% cotton but also so soft! I love a good graphic t-shirt because it can go with denim shorts and flip flops, but also with white jeans and wedges.

Free People perfect t-shirt

We The Free The Perfect Tee: This is the semi-cropped version of a plain, actually perfect t-shirt. It’s thin, soft, and not too cropped but just enough. I bought the black, but it comes in a million colors for whatever suits your fancy.

Free People tee

We The Free You Rock Tee: This is similar to the last one, but not cropped. It’s a little more oversized and boxy, which is perfect for a little front tuck with denim cutoffs. Both these tees have a cute little cuff on the sleeves too.


I’ve sucked at being present lately. The days got long during lockdown, and often frustrating, and work got time consuming. It took talking to a friend the other day to realize I needed to get my creative outlet back.

SO here we are, with a post and pictures I shot last month. It’s okay– it’s always red lipstick season down south 🙂

Here are my top picks for the BEST red lippies around. I prefer a more orange/warm undertone red, but at least one of these is slightly cooler and more blue if that’s what you like.

Top down by brand: NYC, Sephora, Revlon, Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty outburst long wear lip stain in Orange Fizz

YALL. This stuff is one of my favorite things ever. The texture is smooth without being too matte OR too shiny, and it’s a great orange hue without being too warm. It also literally will last through a nuclear bomb, no kidding. You can take this off at night and wake up with a stain on your lips- which let’s be honest, I adore.

Sephora #lipstories in Hot in Havana

This is a $9 find that beats most everything I spend $9 on. It’s so comfortable– I would say the most comfortable lipstick on this list. This is the most orange of the group too, but that’s probably why I love it so much. It lasts okay, but you probably need to stick it in your bag for touchups. It’s definitely more prone to slip than the matte versions.

Revlon matte lipstick in 053 So Lit

This is another great one (I honestly can’t pick a favorite) because it can go with any makeup look– totally done up for a night out or just mascara and a fresh face. This is the most matte look of the group, which means it stays put but also doesn’t stain like the Bite Beauty option. I think this is more of a true red too, and doesn’t lean as orange as the others.

NYC city proof twistable lip color in Canal St. Coral

Okay, here’s the deal with this little guy. The NYC brand can be hard to find, and the products are not top quality all the time, but I love this product and this shade. It reminds me of the old Revlon lip stains that came in the chubby crayon packaging- it’s sticky but comfortable, and the color is perfect. It’s a shade that can go on top of another lip color or stand alone on a no-makeup day.

Side tip: I always opt for a brown-toned liner, no matter what lip color I’m wearing. My faves: LA Girl Keep It Spicy; Avon Glimmersticks in Simply Spice; & NYX in 860 Peakaboo Neutral.

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I’ve been shooting a lot of videos for work, and I thought it would be fun to share with y’all the makeup routine I’ve been doing for them! Since we’re all stuck in quarantine, use this as your opportunity to try some new makeup techniques or order some new products. I linked most of these from Amazon so you don’t even have to leave your house to pick them up.

Happy playing!

Makeup products

I don’t always use a primer but if I know I have a long day ahead, I will try to put that on first so it keeps my makeup on longer. The ones I have been reaching for lately are the Revlon Rose Glow primer or the Milani Prime Light primer— both keep my makeup on and also have a little shimmer that makes your skin bright and fresh.

When it comes to foundation, most days I typically just wear a light tinted moisturizer like the IT Cosmetics CC Cream (literally the best ever). Lately though, since I have been shooting videos every day and want my skin to look a little more made up under the lights, I’ve been mixing that and the L’Oreal Infallible foundation. I love the way they look together and it lasts all day.

I’ve been using the L’Oreal Instant Age Rewind eye brightener for literally years. Get the brightener shade– not the colored one! I pat on just a few dots right under my eyes to cancel out some of my dark circles. Then, I add Tarte Shape Tape concealer on top of that and under my nose to conceal anything else that needs it. (If you’re looking for a drugstore concealer, I love the Maybelline Fit Me one too)

I put a little translucent powder on top of that concealer and on my T-zone just to cut down on any oil– I’m not really picky, but I recently have been loving the Revlon Candid loose powder.

This sounds scary, but a cream bronzer makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I promise it’s not scary. I use the NYX Bright Idea Illuminator as a bronzing stick in the shade “Maui Suntan.” Sadly it’s kind of hard to find, but I hear Physicians Formula’s new cream bronzer stick in Toffee is also amazing.

Makeup products

Wet n wild bronzer in “Ticket to Brazil” is one of the best things in the world and its under $5. I swear by this bronzer and use it on top of that cream– it just warms my face up without looking orange or fake.

Next comes my favorite, blush! My go-tos are the cult-favorite NARS Orgasm, Benefit Gold Rush or L’Oreal True Match in Baby Blossom. I have about 800 blushes though and honestly love them all… it’s hard for me to not like a blush.

I don’t always wear highlighter, especially if I have to shoot a video. But if I do, I either dip into my Urban Decay highlighter palette, any of Wet n Wilds, or the Essence Pure Nude sunlighter. The Essence and the Wet n Wild ones are both under $5 and all of them make great eyeshadow, too!

My new favorites for my mascara and brows are the Covergirl Uncensored mascara— it’s literally amazing– and the Revlon Brow Creator. Benefit still has my favorite brow product, but this is a close second.

Makeup products

And that’s it! I hope y’all enjoy this and it’s helpful. Let me know if you try any of these products and what you think of them!

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If all this staying at home is doing anything to me, it’s really making me obsess over my house. I am cleaning, de-cluttering, reorganizing, and more. So at least if we had to have a global health crisis, it came during Spring Cleaning!

(I also caved and bought a Dyson. Best. Decision. Ever.)

I’ve definitely touched every room in the house during this work/stay/not leave home time, but the room I mostly want to transform is our bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with our bedroom– I just have a different vision for it at this point. I wanted to share what my vision is and what I want for that room.

I have several cute ideas for the bed set. I think this is my favorite bed set so far— I love the gray color, and I’m obsessed with the four-poster style. I will say though, Mitri will leave me if our next bed isn’t a king!

Rooms To Go four-poster bed
Rooms To Go bed

My home decor style is definitely a mold of things. I love the clean, white and gray distressed farmhouse look. But, I also love pops of color and bohemian touches like oriental rugs, bright plates, etc. I also firmly believe you can’t go wrong with a blue and white pattern. Call it the Southern lady in me.

I love my side tables, they just need a little sanding and a coat of paint after one of our dogs really loved on one of them… But, I like these too, especially the shelf for extra storage.

Rooms To Go nightstand
Rooms To Go nightstand

GOSH I love these lamps. They are farmhouse and rustic, but also have the best boho details. You gotta have a lamp for late-night reading! This pendant light is also great for when we need a little more light.

So, there’s my dream bedroom!

Are yall obsessively cleaning during quarantine and mentally redoing your house? Let me know what you are thinking for your home!

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Wow, ya’ll.

I don’t know where you are in the world, but I don’t think it matters anymore– we are all affected by the coronavirus. COVID-19 has changed 2020, and our lives at the moment. Most everyone I know is self-quarantining by working from home and staying away from people.

Most of the stores, restaurants and bars are closed, and other places are encouraging drive-thru service only. Some parks are closed, too. All of this social distancing has me thinking: What if this was what life was like, all the time?

To be honest, my mental state hasn’t really been affected so far. I am a homebody (luckily) so cabin fever hasn’t set in. I also don’t do a lot of “social” things during the week– I go to work, to the gym, and home. But I know a lot of people are already seriously affected by the change in surroundings and the lack of human interaction.

At the beach before quarantine/ social distancing started

I wanted to share some of what I am doing to stay as close to a “normal” routine as possible, and how I am beating cabin fever. Please use this post to leave your tips here, share how you’re feeling, or anything else you need to talk about. We’re all in this weird space together!

Staying active: My gym’s closed, and chances are yours is too. Working out is really important to me though and I can totally feel a difference when I don’t get some active time in. To beat the sluggish feeling, I downloaded a 3-month membership of Beachbody on Demand. No, I don’t get money if you join and I’m not a”coach” or anything, but this program is great. You get 2 weeks free when you sign up and there are dozens of programs you get access to when you join. It’s basically a bunch of videos and worksheets for different fitness programs. I started the 21 Day Fix videos, and I am already obsessed. I know they’re working because of how sore I am, and it’s only day 3!

FaceTime/Skype dates: I have heard a bunch of people doing “virtual happy hours” where they pour a drink and talk with a friend on FaceTime or another video app. I had a FaceTime lunch date with a friend today, and it totally brightened my day to see her and talk like we were having a normal lunch during the week. It’s amazing what that does to your psyche.

Go outside: Fresh air is underrated. Thankfully the weather is beautiful in Birmingham, so getting outside is a great way to beat cabin fever. Take a walk around the block with your partner, with the dogs, or by yourself to clear your head. I know that’s on everyone’s list, but its so true.

Count your blessings: We have to remember how lucky we are, even in the midst of this crisis. If you’re reading this, you have internet and a device to use the internet. I have a house, food, and Netflix. I am healthy, my family’s healthy, and that’s all that matters. Not everyone is so lucky.


Eeeek spring is so close! For spring I am really loving subtle prints, bright shoes, big earrings, white T-shirt’s (of course, do know me?) and bright bags. Per the usual, accessories are my way to really get into the season and use color without going too far out of my comfort zone. And luckily for me, these are things I really already have.

I thought it would be fun to compile some of my recent favorite things that I am definitely bringing into this season. Shopping your own closet is so important, and this is my way to do just that and remind myself of the awesome things I have– and to share them with y’all! Everything is linked if you see something you have to have!

This Brahmin bag was my lifesaver last summer, and I am breaking it out the second the sun starts shining again. I’m not waiting until summer! This bag is 100% worth the money- it’s amazing quality and it’s so darn cute! It comes in several bright colors, along with black, and has a functional card holder on the lining. I adore this bag and have definitely already looked at buying the white one.

Brahmin EVIE MELBOURNE purse

Madewell whisper tees and tanks. Need I say more? These are a staple in my closet and I think everyone should own at least one. I have the tank, the v neck, and the crew neck versions. These go perfectly with denim shorts and big earrings, and it’s the easiest outfit ever!

Madewell whisper tee via ShopBop

Walmart leopard shoes. YALL these shoes!! They’re so comfy and definitely look much more expensive than they are… because they’re $5. FIVE. I know! You need these immediately… walk, don’t run to Walmart. They will look so cute with a white tee and denim cutoffs, but also with dresses. I already have gotten my monies worth of these shoes and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I also wore them all over Miami and to the SuperBowl, and didn’t have blisters whatsoever.

Walmart tennis shoes via Walmart

A cropped pink utility jacket I got a few months back has been a life saver this season. It is light enough to be easy to throw on, but also warm on spring days or in chilly restaurants. Mine was the brand Splendid and I purchased from TJ Maxx, but this one is similar and under $20!

Thick gold hoops are a staple year-round for me, but especially in the warmer months with a white tank or with a strapless dress.

White booties are so much more wearable than you think. They go with blue and black jeans, basically any color top, shorts, dresses, you name it. Just make sure you Scotchgard them before you leave the house so you don’t have to worry about stains!!

Sam Edelman white boots via ShopBop

Christmas shopping outfit

What are you bringing out of your closet this season?

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Well, we went to the Super Bowl! Our team didn’t win, but we played a hell of a game…. and Mitri and I had a blast in Miami before hand.

I had never been to Miami before and I had SO many things I wanted to see and do. With it being Super Bowl weekend too, that just multiplied the things in our schedule.

If you’re visiting Miami for just a short time, this is the travel diary for you! I packed so many things into our weekend, and I would have even been able to put more in if we weren’t there for the game. Anyways, these are my must-go dos if you are in Miami for a weekend! 

Similar shirt | Similar earrings


We got to the Fort Lauderdale airport around lunch and made our way to the hotel. Then, we headed straight to lunch at Monty’s Raw Bar.

Monty's Raw bar in Miami

Y’all. If you go to Miami, Monty’s is a must. Don’t let the name fool you— there are a gazillion things that aren’t raw. I got nachos, and Mit got tacos. Everything was incredible, and their drink menu was just as delicious looking as the food menu. The atmosphere was also so fun. It’s on a dock, with dozens of yachts surrounding the pier. I am not sure what they do when it’s bad weather, because it’s pretty much all outside, but I guess it’s comfortable year round because of the temps. 

Also there are the cutest pelicans that hang out too!

Pelican outside Monty's Raw Bar (Photo credit Ivana Hrynkiw)

After Monty’s, we went to Little Havana to take a look around and get ice cream at Azucar. That was a place on every touristy list, but it’s so worth it. It was SO GOOD. Thankfully we had it again on Sunday at the stadium because I would have not wanted to leave without going back.

We also just walked around Little Havana and explored the little shops and restaurants. We didn’t spend more than probably an hour here, so it was pretty easy to fit in.

Next, we headed to the Super Bowl LIVE experience downtown. That obviously isn’t an all-the-time thing, but it was so cool. We got to see some players and explore this area that was specially set up for the 49ers and Chiefs. They even had separate bars for each team’s fans.

We had reservations at Esotico (also downtown), so we rode scooters from the LIV experience to Esotico. That was an experience I will spare you from, yet super fun and I definitely recommend. I had to take a blurry phone photo to document that we survived it.

Esotico Miami

Esotico was phenomenal. It’s a tiki bar/restaurant so every single drink was to die for, and were served in the cutest cups. The food was just as yummy— we got the coconut fried rice (it’s served in a pineapple!) and chicken curry. It doesn’t hurt that the place was adorable. The owner is amazing, and his son is the best and sweetest server, so ask for him and make sure you ask to meet the owner too. (PS if you call, it goes to the owner’s cell. I used Open Table for reservations, but it turned out I didn’t really need them)


Saturday morning we spent on South Beach: We had breakfast at Havana 1957, which is another super-recommended place on all the travel lists but is again totally worth it. Breakfast was delicious, affordable, and we got to sit on the sidewalk on Ocean Drive. We walked around South Beach for a while and then headed to the Super Bowl Experience at the Convention Center.

Outside the Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive, being touristy
Ocean Drive Miami

I won’t go on about that because I bet you won’t be in Miami for the Super Bowl, but if you ever go to a Bowl you definitely should pay to do the Super Bowl Experience. It’s 100% worth it, you get to see all the trophies, rings, etc. 

That took most of the day, but afterward we headed to Lincoln Road Mall. Following that, we went back to the hotel and did dinner at the Dadeland Mall.


All game day stuff! Which you probably won’t be doing , unless you’re there for a Dolphins game. In that case, the stadium is great and pretty close to lots of food, hotels, etc.

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl LIV (photo credit Ivana Hrynkiw)

I hope this guide helps if you are headed on a Miami vacay! Send me your favorite spots in the city. I can’t wait to go back.


ASOS Spring and Summer Haul

Okay ya’ll, I know it’s January but I already have spring fever. It’s probably a combination of two things- one, me fighting off the flu for the last week and two, me getting excited for several fun trips I have coming up this spring and summer.

Because I’ve been spending a lot of time on my couch with a box of tissues, I’ve been doing a LOT of online browsing…. which naturally turned into online shopping. I placed a big order from ASOS the other day and it definitely gave me all the spring feels!

Here’s what I ordered from ASOS. I got free two-day shipping (obviously reminding me I spent too much $$$) so I am hoping to get these in soon and I can share what I loved and what I didn’t like as much. Keep in mind almost everything here is on sale! So if you love something, go go go before it’s gone!

1. Striped bathing suit– When I saw this super cute suit I knew I had to have it. I love the high-waisted trend (who doesn’t?) but I love how this one hits just bellow the belly button. I love the cute little ruffle on the straps, too! I think this is the one I’m really crossing my fingers fits well!

2. Floral mini sundress– This little dress would be so cute for a lunch outing on one of my upcoming trips, or even a casual dinner. I love pieces like this because they’re so easy to pack, too!

3. White flouncy top– This is just a spring staple in my opinion. It can be worn with jeans while it’s still a little chilly, or even shorts and a cardigan. And then in the summer, just drop the cardigan! It would also be cute over a bikini if you’re doing a beach-to-lunch kind of day.

4. Black high-neck maxi dress– To be honest, I wanted this in red but they didn’t have my size. But, I think the black will be more versatile! I am hoping to wear this on some upcoming Bachelorette parties and then again for date nights this summer! With some white statement earrings, I think this will be the cutest outfit.

5. Coral one-piece bathing suit– This bathing suit called my name, from the cut to the color. I loveeeee coral, and I think the cut of this suit looks super flattering. I hope this one fits, because I love a good one piece!

6. Orange crop top and pants beach set– Swoon! This set will be SO cute on the beach or for a water-front dinner. Orange is one of my favorite colors to wear, and this material looks so light and breathable. That’s huge for me in this Alabama weather!

7. Bright pink bikini top– I didn’t get the matching bottoms to this because 1- I have more bottoms I like than tops already and 2- I could wear this as a bralette under flowy and open summer tops! Wearing bikini tops as bralettes is one of my favorite hacks, because they are made to stay in place and they normally have padding. I also love the neon color!

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Happy 2020 ya’ll! I took a nice long break for the month of December from work, blogging, and pretty much everything. And it was so nice. I definitely needed it, and I feel so recharged! I’ll be back to posting weekly content here on the Southern Style Diaries and I have some really cool things planned for this year.

But let’s talk fashion, shall we. January is a weird time— its winter, so it’s cold and you want to be comfy… but you also want to look like you tried at least a little for dates or brunch with the girls. Something that solve the cute/comfy dilemma for me? Midi skirts and sweaters. It looks like you pulled yourself together but also you are cozy enough to go lay on the couch at any moment.

Here’s one of my fave examples of this look— and the best part is it’s all from Walmart! The skirt is $5.99 and the sweater is $9.99.

Midi skirt and sweater outfit

I also can’t take credit for this look totally, I definitely got inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers Glitter & Gingham. I used this shoot as a great excuse to shoot Christmas card photos with my husband!

Midi skirt and sweater outfit
Skirt | Sweater| Boots (similar) | Hoops (similar)
Midi skirt and sweater outfit

This sweater is definitely roomy (which is how I like it) so with a fitted skirt like this, I tuck the hem of my sweater into the bottom of my bra. It gives the cutest flouncy-look but also doesn’t cover up your waist. You can also use a skinny belt and pull the fabric out of the belt, too. 

This skirt is a medium and the sweater is a large, btw! 

Midi skirt and sweater outfit
Midi skirt and sweater outfit

Photos by Sam Shatara and Mitri Shatara. This post is not sponsored; all opinions are my own.


It’s the holidays already, which is crazy… but that’s another conversation.

Today I want to talk about how I save money and shop smart during the Christmas season! There are so many ways you can save when buying all those gifts on your list, and keep track of what you’re spending and what you have purchased/ still need to buy. I figured everyone knew about these shopping hacks but after multiple conversations with friends and family, ya’ll need the money-saving tips! 

Here are my favorite hacks for shopping this season.

Me, thinking about all the money I'm about to save this holiday season
Me thinking about all the money I’m about to save

Ebates, now called Rakuten: Ya’ll listen. This is not a scam, even though it sounds like it is. You just go to the Rakuten website and then click on whatever website you want to go to through the Rakuten site. That’s it, that’s the whole process. Each site has a different cash back deal and it’s different every week. For example, say Ulta is doing 10 percent cash back. You go to Ulta’s site through Rakuten, shop, and check out. Then in a day or two you will get 10 percent of that purchase credited to your Rakuten account. You get a check every few months, or you can request it whenever you want. You can also use the mobile app or install the Chrome browser extension so you don’t ever miss a site that has cash back going on (that’s what I do!)

If you want to download, go here and you’ll get $10 to kickstart your account. 


Retail Me Not: This is a website and app for your phone that gives you all the coupons and lets you know what sales are happening. Just type in the store you’re at, and then the site/app gives you all the coupons, sales, and deals at the store both in-store and online. Sometimes the older coupons towards the bottom don’t work (they’re expired and the page hasn’t been updated) but it’s still worth checking. You can also get the app to monitor your location and alert you when you’re near a store with deals or coupons. That way you don’t forget!

Santa’s Bag app: Ya’ll I love this app. If you’re Christmas/holiday obsessed like me, and buy a lot of gifts, you need it. You can set a budget and then log how much each gift you buy is, and the calculator will keep you on track and let you know anytime how much you’ve spent on gifts and how much you have left from the budget you set. You also can log each gift and its specific person, so you don’t ever lost track of what’s under the tree! I love this app so much.